Walk for Water

Campus Gallery, Georgian College, 2008

Maude Barlow, head of the Council of Canadians, author of the best-selling book, Blue Covenant, and recently appointed senior adviser to the United Nations on water issues, is aghast at the irony: “Water, in my opinion, is the single most important environmental and human-rights threat of our time, and while millions around the world are dying and going thirsty, Simcoe County is about to violate this unique and precious Canadian aquifer.”

Leading the march hand in hand

Adding breath to the tabacco as an offering at the entrance to the proposed dump at Site 41

Two generations of local citizens have championed the preservation of this Tiny Township resource and managed to hold off the building of Dumpsite 41 for nearly 30 years

The second generation of Dump Site 41 opposers

Stephen Ogden, a citizen activist from Tiny Township and 25-year veteran of the battle to stop Dumpsite 41 is spearheading a walk from Ogden’s farm to Queen’s Park, starting this Friday morning and arriving in Toronto November 21.

“This has gone on so long,” Ogden says, “a whole history of people, some of whom have died since the struggle began, have stood by the belief that this is simply wrong, and it’s just not necessary.”

On the march, across farmland adjacent to the Dump Site

Preparation for the site has already begun with the installation of fences, and the construction of the storm water management pond. “The only thing stopping waste cell development at the site at this moment – aside from impending winter weather – is the signing of the ‘Permit to Take Water’ (PTTW), a delegated responsibility under the jurisdiction of a Ministry of the Environment director,” Millar explains.

Danny Beaton, the Mohawk activist with roots at Six Nations in Brantford, is determined to stop the dump.

Danny Beaton, a Mohawk elder and environmentalist

giving his tobacco offering to the land at the gate of the proposed Dump Site 41

Walk for Water is a photo series that documents a march in Tiny Township (Elmvale, ON) to protect the groundwater aquifer that is being threatened by a proposed garbage dump. The township has said they will install a tarp to protect the groundwater, but the citizens of the area and concerned activists know it’s not a matter of if the aquifer gets contaminated but when. This series was installed as a large-scale slide show projection at the campus gallery at Georgian College, as part of a juried group exhibition, The Green Exhibit.